About Us

Solrac Corporation

Solrac Corporation is ISO Certified, minority owned and licensed for staffing. We do third party quality inspections, Sorting, Rework of harnesses, Inspection of harnesses and Assembly. SOLRAC has been in business for over 29 years and through our continuous quality improvement and customer satisfaction, we have been able to achieve high customer satisfaction ratings and long-term business relationships with 1st tier suppliers. We will continue to commit ourselves to maintain the highest quality performance, on time delivery and competitive prices to fulfill the needs of our customers and ourselves.

Our company philosophy is the Japanese “和(Wa)” which stands for Harmony of the human race and working as a team for mutual success.


Solrac Corporation is ISO Certified


Solrac is Minority Owned


Solrac is a certified by HUB as under utilized business


President’s Message

All members of SOLRAC CORPORATION Must be committed to improve
The service rendered to our customers
To achieve the status of excellence
To fulfill the needs of our customers and ourselves