About Us

Solrac Corporation is minority owned, licensed for staffing and ISO Certified.  SOLRAC has been in business for over 27 years and through our continuous quality improvement and customer satisfaction we have been able to achieve high customer satisfaction ratings for several years. We will continue to commit ourselves to maintain the highest quality performance, competitive costs and on time delivery to fulfill the needs of our customers and ourselves.

Our company philosophy is the Japanese "和(Wa)" which stands for Harmony of the human race and working as a team for mutual success.

The word 和(Wa) is not only a word, it is a philosophy in the Japanese culture. This word has a very special meaning in the Japanese language. Any other country does not have the same kind of meaning except the Japanese culture. The meanings for "wa" (our logo) in the Japanese language are: peaceful, calm, gentle, warm, in peace, in harmony, harmonious human relations, not fighting or arguing with each other.